Monday, September 14, 2015

Six months going back.

It's taken me six whole months to write this. The thought has crossed my mind many times, like every time Noah turned another month older and a few times in between. However, I seem to be living most of life in this slightly belated time warped fashion so hey, whats a six month delay.

We have a son! Noah Alexander Rohan Paterson was born at 1:03pm on Saturday the 14th of March this year after a long, hard, traumatic and awful-in-every-way labour. (The next one is coming straight out the sun-roof, let it be noted.)
But he's here now and he is such a joy and delight I don't ever think about those last few days of being pregnant. The last six months have gone so quickly and I feel like I want to write SO much down but that would take days. I might over time blog some highlights for the memory box but if you're desperate to catch up on the first six overgrammed months of Noah's life, feel free to pop over to my instagram account.

I have about ten minutes before he is very likely to wake from his nap so what's been one big lesson I've learnt in the last six months? (And parenthood is one big, long, sharp learning curve I assure you)

I think probably just how important it is to cherish the present - to find joy and grace and strength for today. I think for the first few weeks of our baby boy's life we mourned for what we had lost - the fun and freedom of being a two, sleep, and working to no ones schedules but our own. Suddenly we had a little person , who by most accounts is as easyyyyy as they come, he really is, but our lives can no longer be lived as selfishly as I might like.
And now I often find myself pining for the tiny newborn babe we brought home from hospital and wondering how he turning into a giggly, moving, sitting up, eating little boy and I really need to knock that habit on the head. I will find myself at a different stage in a few months from now and so regret not soaking up these wonderful days.
And because I'm me and I'll recognise a problem and not do anything about it I need to take the Bible seriously when it says "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own." 
Each day also has so much joy and reason for thanks and yet I can be so anxious about the future. About tiny Noah and being parenting failures to him, about our future, about my mum, about making the wrong decisions and doing the wrong things and arghhhhh...basically everything.

Anyway, you didn't come to read a birth announcement detailing my rubbish-ness so let me tell you about Noah.

He's amazing. Just so perfectly wonderful only God could have thought him up, for reals. He smiles all day, and he's so easy to hang out with and be around. I promise it has little or nothing to do with us; he's just got an easy going temperament, is not prone to screaming and crying and is so much more than we could have asked for or imagined.
He sleeps people, he's got those strong sleep-loving mummy genes running through his body which mean he does really well with lots of naps and sleeping 12 hours a night. We are well rested, and grateful.
He also likes his food - he may not look much like me, but trust me -the food thing - that's another mummy trait shining through.(Can you believe he's started on solid food before I've got around to writing this post. Yikes!)
Speaking of looks though - he's apparently the spitting image of Steve. i.e. Very handsome indeed. And speaking of Steve, well he's a wonderful daddy. I think he was made for this. But he deserves a post of his own so we'll get to that one day soon. 
And you know what, people tell you there's nothing like the love you feel for a child but it's true. Maybe not to start with but oh my, over the weeks and months we have grown to love this little boy SO much. So very, very much. And he grows more fun, and interactive, and silly each day as his little personality develops and we are enjoying him more every day.

I would like to try and blog more regularly because, you know, learning poor memory...bla bla - basically if I don't write it down, I WILL FORGET. 

On that note - here's a couple of pics from the last six months. See you soon!