Monday, February 9, 2015

On de-cluttering the mind...(And heart and soul)

It must be a side-effect of pregnancy but my tolerance for clutter and mess and stuff is definitely waning.
I've said before that I feel desperate to just clean and sort and tidy and throw away. All the junk we seem to accumulate daily, and the bags of bits and bobs that haven't been moved once since before our wedding, when I moved in.

And it feels very therapeutic:
Bouquets of dried flowers and baskets of pine cones and pots of lavender - gone
Dozens of clothes and pairs of shoes - ruthlessly bagged and taken to the charity shop.
DVDs - Put in the loft
Toileteries, smelly bath things etc. - binned or given away
Wii + controllers + wii fit board  - up for grabs. Anyone?! (just kidding Steve. kind of.)
Paperwork and boxes of admin-y things - Not going to lie, one step more than I feel motivated to tackle at the moment. But I would like it gone.

Anyway, like I was saying - it feels really good just getting rid of stuff.  Mainly because I know we're clearing up and de-cluttering and making space in our lives for something lovely and so much better than all this! And it has made me think about why I'm not so driven to periodically and intentionally try and do the same with my heart and mind.

Because when I stop and take a good long look it's very clear to see that there's a whole lot of junk lying around.
Habits that really need to be un-habituated. (word?!)
Thought patterns that do more harm than good.
Judgemental defaults that grow bitterness and a spirit that isn't very generous.
Baggage of heart and mind that we haven't gone near for years.
Faith that so often tends to trust myself more than God.
Laziness, mean words, anger, selfish deeds. 

I could go on, but I'd just like to change. And the only way to sort this mess and take out the trash is with the Holy Spirit's help. I need some daily dusting and some monthly pruning and a more often than yearly spring clean. And I need to soak myself in his wonderful word and be still in his delighting presence and talk to his always listening ears. And I so want the Father to enable that work in me, that my life would bear the fruit of his spirit.

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