Friday, January 9, 2015

That Friday post..

This week:

We have been maniacally busy! It's been back to crazy-workplaces-that-are-all-go-go-go at the moment for both of us. Steve has been working till after 7pm most nights and I have waddled up and down the stairs to my third floor office too many times for which my SPD inflamed hips are not thanking me. Again. I do find they're singing the same song a lot at the moment. It will calm down soon though I hope. I'm just sending off a Rick Stein shoot to Australia - my last one before maternity leave so it's bittersweet. (Did you like my little bit of name dropping there?)

I watched:

Swan Lake which was performed by the Russian State Ballet at the Hippodrome, for a friend's birthday. It was a very last minute decision so we were practically sitting in the rafters but it was beautiful. The music, the ballet, the costumes.

I don't want to be a parent that lives vicariously through their  children (ok only maybe, occasionally, sometimes, just for a few things)  but if we ever have a little daughter I would love her to try ballet. And maybe she will be able to pirouette round and round like I never EVER will. 
In the meantime though, baby boy is getting plenty of cultural exposure. We went to Handel's Messiah over Christmas, the ballet this week and we're going to see Wicked at the theatre in a few weeks! 

We have eaten:

Sainsburys deli pizza for dinner two nights this week. I know, i know - SO BAD but what can I do, the baby demanded it! Not really, we had lots of 7pm evening engagements and it's just the simplest thing to do when we get home at 6:30 and I haven't cooked earlier in the week! And also, Thin and crispy meat feast is kind of the best!

And I am thankful for:

* NCT classes - for useful information and new friends in the area!

* Cheese in bed, late at night
* Plastering work getting done in our house - so the baby isn't born in a building site in case he comes early :)

Have a happy weekend! 

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