Friday, January 23, 2015

That Friday post...{4}

This week has been we're going to jump on the old thanksgiving train. I know from experience it's the best thing to make it all better.

So, I am very thankful for:

1. A lovely restful weekend in Pembrokeshire and kind friends who mainly let me sleep (Photos will follow at some point obvs.)

2. That rainbow, over St. David's cathedral. Rainbows do always make things more beautiful and hopeful, don't they?

3. A good midwife appointment on Monday - baby is measuring right on track and his heartbeat is always delicious to listen to.


4. A warm bubble bath with music and candles and everything, to soothe aching hips. Thank you hubs. I'm a shower person and that was the first bath I've had since moving into our house 3.5 years ago - but I might even be tempted to have another soon, that's how good it was.

5. Being able to work at home more than half the week because it really is very painful going up and down to my third floor office.

6. Marvellous mother-in-law decorating skills and help with sanding and painting our baby room. And making our kitchen all shiny and clean. Helps keep the stress levels down for this preggo lady who is choosing not to think about the fact that we're five weeks away from D-day and still living in utter chaos. Oops - fail. Try harder next time Arps!

7. Tacos for tea - they really are a fun, happy meal. One can't be grumpy around tacos. And this amazing dessert which I shamelessly ate for breakfast two days in a row. So indulgent, and so totally allowed when you're heavily pregnant! 

And the current view from the moon:

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  1. Being Thankful is the best attitude to cultivate, so thankful that you have that attitude Arpi.