Friday, January 16, 2015

That Friday post..

This weekend:

..we are going to Pembrokeshire for a little mini-break. It's one of a couple of weekends away we're hoping to have before baby arrives.

Last time we did this:
p.s.I can't find a picture with horses but I promise we rode actual horses and did not just play dress up
p.p.s. How short am I??!! Like seriously? Or are all my family and friends just very tall?!

And we did this.. a very beautiful part of the Wales!

Wales will still be very beautiful I'm sure but it will also be beautiful when we go back post baby. For now I doubt I will be doing much prancing round the countryside in wellies (or on a horse). However, I might take a good book and then the others are free to go on adventures whilst I eat cake in a coffee shop somewhere. The weather forecast isn't so great, so we might end up spending lots of time playing board games in front of the fire. I am quite happy for the weekend to look something like this:

This week we've had:

Our last NCT class and the first of the six babies arrived early so her parents popped in with her. She is tiny and scrummy and it felt so surreal that they're all going to be here in the next few weeks!

And to leave you with:

This made me laugh this week, so I'll share. Tis true - ALL OF IT!!! 

And this is the view I'm mainly enjoying these days!

Have a great weekend!!

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