Friday, January 2, 2015

That Friday post..

This week:

We have been winter cleaning! Like spring cleaning but earlier. I am on a nesting mission but somewhat restricted in how much I can manage physically so I give very detailed instructions and my trusty sidekick aka husband executes them wonderfully. 

We celebrated:

New Years eve with some of our best friends at a fun house party. There was pulled pork and mulled wine, we played human cluedo and Celebrities, had sparklers and champagne at midnight and did some kitchen dancing. It was such fun at the time but my dodgy pelvis was not thanking me on the 1st of January. Good thing it was a day off hey! 

I've just finished reading: 

On becoming Baby wise

It's the only baby book I have read. I've already told you I have baby sleep (and Arpi lack-of-sleep) anxiety issues so we plan on trying things the babywise way.  I will keep you posted. In the meantime I will be sleeping with the book under my pregnancy pillow in the hope that baby might 'absorb' some of its most noble ideals. Please baby.

We've just finished watching: 

Homeland season 4. It's been so intense and so good but that end felt like a little bit of an anti-climax. Anyone else think so?

With the end of this week - Christmas is properly over and 2015 is slowly permeating the air around us. Do you ever feel like a year starts off little and small and sort of shares space and time with the outgoing year. That phase when you're still writing the date wrong, when you feel more at home with what's happened than what might come. And then the new year grows into the space around you (like the smell of something delicious cooking in the oven, that slowly fills the house over several hours)until the last year feels a bit of a memory, the current year is growing into its skin a bit more and you feel like you're past the stage of tip-toeing round each other (you and 'the year' that is).  

Obviously I understand if you'd never think anything like that and you now think I'm a weirdo. Forgive my rambling.  

Going back to Christmas-being-over though. We stripped our tree today and it shed all its needles all over our front room in protest. The picture above was my husband's creative venture for the evening.

So from our living room to yours - a little soppiness. Happy New year and have a lovely weekend! 

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