Friday, January 30, 2015

That Friday post... {5}


This is getting more and more shabby - this week the stripey bump has been bumped right into the Friday post. That's volume 1.35 in case you've lost track. Just think of it as two for the price of one!
Maybe after next week when I'm on maternity level we'll be able to show the blog some more loving. Maybe. Did you hear that though - WE'RE NEARLY ON MATERNITY LEAVE!! WOOHOO.
For someone that loves their job as much as I do, I didn't think I would feel this way but I am so ready to be done with work.

In the week gone by though -

I have struggled:

..with our as yet unfinished room. I am so grateful to the best hardworking efforts of the master decorators around here (not me) but it must be that cocktail of hormones swimming round my body making me desperate to just sort and tidy and clean and move and I'm not enjoying not being able to do that. I'm learning all sorts of lessons in patience and trust though which must be good for me! And Steve has promised that it will be done and all the junk in our room and downstairs and everywhere else will be gone in two weeks. I can do two weeks people!!! 

On the foodie front:

We're eating fruit like it's going out of fashion around here. But that's kind of standard. That was our fruit bowl at the start of this week - it's all gone now so it must at some point be making up for the vast amounts of cake also being consumed.
Much more exciting when one is craving productivity however, are the eight meals that have gone in the freezer for after baby arrives. Now I only need to make twelve more!

This weekend:

We're having a family weekend in Cornwall with the Paterson side of our family which should be lovely! I'm much better at forgetting the jobs when I'm away from the house so this will be good. Plus we get to hang out with these cuties all weekend. Fun!

More later! Including a double installment of weekend away photos. Have a great weekend whatever you're doing! x

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  1. Cuties those two! and with their Uncle they look great together. Hope you all have a great time in Cornwall. And you are looking quite a dashing pregnant mom of 8 months. May your freezer and fridge be always full, with loads of fruit in the bowl.