Tuesday, December 2, 2014

27 weeks - into the third trimester we go!

I can't quite believe that we are two thirds of the way through this pregnancy. That's baby, me and my long-suffering husband in case you were wondering. How did that happen?! Multiple times a day I will swing between real excitement about meeting this baby, feel the urge to start nesting and being struck by total panic about being parents. I mean, honestly, who decided it would be a good idea to give two kids a baby to look after! And what is going to happen to Saturday morning sleeping in??? :S

But whilst we're still here on the threshold of the last three months, here are the things I don't want to forget about this bit of the pregnancy.

My ultimate favourite thing about the second trimester has been feeling our little boy move!! The first time was on our anniversary (he totes knew!). We were on the train back from our crayzayyy night out in Melbourne city (at 9:30pm because that's how we roll) and I felt him wriggling around in my belly. It's just like they say - little butterfly type flutters and and you do just know that it's baby and not indigestion or gas or anything else.
His movements have got stronger and more frequent (like every hour of every day) and Steve (and anyone else that might be belly watching at the time) can not only feel them now but see them really easily which is so weird. Just over the last few days my mini footballer has taken to training in the early hours of the morning and as much as I love his kicks and headbutts and dives we are not encouraging that. Sleep training starts early at the Patersons! Are you listening boy!?

I've enjoyed generally feeling well and having lots of energy! I've thoroughly enjoyed the return of good sleep (hello my old friend - you are wonderful!) and will cling desperately to it for as long as I can. Can you tell that most of my major anxieties around having this baby centre around sleep? Does that make me a bad person? Steve has volunteered to do all the nighttime anythings ever. Men need less sleep than women do anyway don't they?? It says so here. Never mind that it's the DailyFail.
And fine, that's a total lie about Steve volunteering to do nights but now it says so on the BLOG he kind of has to right?

My mahoosive bump started off as definitely not my fave part about being pregnant but you know what, it's growing on me. (Hah, I know, I crack me up too!). Anyway, I don't know, I feel like now that I'm in my final tri it's kind of OK to have a big bump. Like people sort of expect it. And besides - I'm a little person, where's the poor baby got to go if not out. And people are lovely at saying all sorts of kind and affirming things (white lies, but it's fine I lap 'em all up) that include the phrases 'pregnancy glow' and 'neat bump'. Bah! Is 28 weeks pregnant enough to start being 'heavily pregnant'? because I feel heavy, that's for sure.

My other ultimate favourite part about all this (yes, this is my blog and I can have as many ultimate favourites as I want) is watching Steve grow a relationship with his little son. I wish there was some way to go back and record his sweet conversations with baby. He always starts with 'Hello baby, this is your daddy here..', will proceed to ask him questions/ tell him about his day/ tell him not to trouble mummy/ feed him some other trivial information and end with 'Ok, I need to go now, I love you.' I love his little introductions and the general letter-like quality of his chats. It's just so cute. 

I've given you the positives so I feel I need to balance those with some negatives too. I'm a pain wuss, if you know me you know that, so the sciatica and general all over, all-the-time, achey painey sort of feeling isn't amazing. In the last few days I've had an increase in particular types of pelvic pain and my doctor has mentioned the dreaded SPD. Look it up - it's horrible. If you're a praying person could you please pray it wouldn't get worse.

Our friends had a little baby last week who was born with GBS. They didn't pick it up in the mum or they could have prevented it in the baby. Thankfully baby is now OK and at home. Group B Strep is the most common cause of severe bacterial infection in newborn babies, and the most common cause of meningitis in babies under 2 months. Turns out I have Group B strep too but because we know that I can now have antibiotics in labour which can help prevent it from passing to baby. If I'm being honest with you, I'm way more worried about the SPD than the Strep B.
That's enough negatives for now though. They're all kind of outweighed by how much I love this little baby and what a gift he is now, and will be when he's born. 

As you've been so patient, here's another random picture of us from a few weeks ago in a time when the sea was sparkling and the skies were blue and we were kayaking through lagoons in the Tasman sea. Just kidding, 27 week bump picture for your viewing pleasure. 3 months to go! 

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