Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 was...

...the year I did not take any photos. Or at least not very many, so this exercise is going to be a challenge. Next year however, will be different. 

Here we go - 14 pictures for 2014.
Ringing in 2014! 

A homegroup murder mystery, Jan 2014

An Oxfordshire weekend, February

Olivia Grace our beautiful niece was born, March 2014
Lots of Kensington folk at Word Alive in April

Sam and Nat's wedding, Birmingham, April

A surprise weekend away in Corsham, May

Steve's 30th birthday, June 
A lovely birthday weekend in Devon, June

This was Steve and Tanisha's wedding in July and whilst I feel like there should be a pic of the bride and groom (who were stunning) this made me laugh.

A family wedding and a long Cambridge weekend, July
In August we shared happy news!
...and had a weekend in the Wirral with this lot! We either did nothing in September or chose not to take a single photo.

We celebrated three years of marriage in Australia, October

And followed that with a glorious three weeks in New Zealand (which ran into November)

A Christmas postcard from our growing family to yours. December 2014.

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