Saturday, October 18, 2014

Baby and bump are growing..tune in for another whopper!

This blog and I have something of an open, non-committal relationship and one of us (couldn't possibly say which one) is afraid of committing to too much. For the moment though, that same half is trying really, really hard because she does enjoy going back over bits that have been blogged! So for now, give us a chance...

Baby was growing well when we last checked in, which was two weeks ago at our anomaly scan. Two hands, two feet, two hemispheres in his brain, four chambers in his heart, a healthy looking spine, liver, kidneys, tummy and all that sort of stuff! It's amazing how much they can see. That will probably be it for ultrasounds for this pregnancy so here's a couple of pics if you'd like to see. 

If you've stuck around this far into the pregnancy - thank you! I promised some bump pics, and whilst they aren't at regular intervals at all, here they are (I know right, how am I going to cope with being a mum and feeding/bathing/looking after a child if I can't remember to take a photo every 1/2/3/4 weeks). I'm not even sure I remember what weeks these ones are at, but I will try! 

This one is the most recent, at 21 weeks!! I can now feel this sweet baby move and he's a little wriggler which I love at the moment. I'll keep you posted on that wriggle loving, I hear it's not very lovable for long. 

This one below was at 14 weeks (I only know because apparently I labelled the photo at the time, ON the photo - stroke of pure genius I say). I promise I took at least one more in between,  at about 18ish weeks, that I can't find. It might be on a drive at home or work. Might. Or this could be an attack of the baby brain monster.

What, you think I look pretty much the same size in both?! Hurrah and thank the good Lord for that. At the rate I was going I thought I was never going to drop those pizza pounds or I was going to have to give birth to a 20lb baby. OK OK I'm clearly not the same size in both so don't worry, this belly is still growing at an incredibly rapid rate, and I feel like I'm the size of a house. A very small house at the moment, but a house nonetheless. 

Until the next baby update then....cheerio!

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