Friday, August 29, 2014

13.33 weeks = A THIRD of the way there!!

I've faffed about buying a pregnancy book to write things down for about 9.3 weeks and  I've finally decided I don't need one for now - so here goes. And ooops I've let slip already but pretend you haven't heard - WE'RE HAVING A BABY!! Hopefully quite near the 3rd of March which is our EDD.

I don't know that I will blog all of this pregnancy but there is so much change, so much thinking and praying and dreaming, so many aches and pains and cravings and SO much joy and gratitude and I don't want us to forget it all. And it will be nice to stick the occasional picture on here to look back at. 

We've always know that we would love children...lots of them (me) or slighter fewer (Steve) so that's still being negotiated. We also knew we'd like to go to New Zealand, just the two of us, before we had a family. Not in a WE MUST GO or WE HAVE TO GO kind of way but more in a We'd love to go if we pray about it, and God provides the money, the time off work, the opportunity to grow our marriage and relationship and have an adventure together kind of way. And he did - because he's wonderfully kind like that. We thought we'd like kids anytime after that and mainly stemming from my anxieties that it could take several years to get pregnant we decided to try and basically see what happened! And we got pregnant! Did I mention how kind God is? I'm not sure how well I would have coped with being constantly worried about it and He must have known. Not that we deserve it, and especially not that we deserve it more than anyone else but we trust He knows the hows and the whys of what He is doing in our lives.

We are over the moon and we love this precious little one so much already, and we know God knows and loves it so much more. I know we still have a longggg way to go and I really don't want to wish away this pregnancy but I cannot wait to meet this baby. And I do keep thinking - I can't wait to be a mama but I'm much more excited to see Steve be a dad. He is so wonderful with babies and children and will be the sweetest dad ever. Baby gets lots of belly kisses and chats every day from him already and he keeps saying how he wants to be involved in everything and I can't wait to be parents together and share in this new adventure with him.

Our families are thrilled and we are so fortunate to have kind, supportive parents. Ma and pa Alexander can't wait to be grandparents for the first time and mum and dad Paterson can't wait to have another little grandchild down the road. Ashish and Bec and Joe will all be uncles and aunty for the first time too and I know our baby will be so loved and spoilt by them. 

3 months in and 6 months to go and there are lots of little things I don't want to forget. Like...

- Baby (not me, obviously :P) loves spicy, spicy food and would ideally eat croissants for breakfast He/she also likes bread and pizza a lot (weird cos I have never liked either) and has been eating industrial quantities of mini cheddars. All day, every day and we never leave the house without.

- The fact above has resulting in me looking like I'm about 6 months pregnant rather than 3 but it's mainly pizza and not much baby in there. Thankfully I'm just about fitting into all my loose clothes and my sweet sister-in-law has given me some of her maternity stuff - yay! 

- Modern technology is great. And I love how easy it is for us to follow along with baby's development and share that with family. So for example, this week mini Pat is the size of a peach and it has fingerprints, is developing vocal chords and is practicing its breathing and using its reflexes. How amazing is that?!

- I haven't felt sick for most of the first trimester and not even that tired (although possibly more tired than I thought I was because Steve reckons I had lots of 13-hour-a-night sleeps. However, morning sickness decided to rear its ugly head at about 11 weeks and hasn't quite gone. Too much information to follow so stop reading if you're of a delicate constitution, but, walking around dry retching all day is really not pleasant. It's fine though, I just tell myself its a worthy cause and it will get better. :)

- Not that I'm likely to forget this but I currently have 29(!!!!!) pregnant friends and close acquaintances. There are 11 pregnant women at our church, 6 of them at our congregation which only has about 60 people in total and all the babies are due between the end of September and the first week in March. What is going on in the world?????!!!!

At about 7 weeks along I was having lots and lots of pain in my left lower abdomen and the GP thought I 'sounded about the right stage for an ectopic' so we had an early scan and were so thankful to see a tiny baby and it's heartbeat going super fast. In the picture below the baby was somewhere between the size of a pea and blueberry and you can still see its head, arms and tail!

 Having that early scan didn't stop me worrying again that something may have gone wrong (when will I learn? :/) but  seeing baby SO much bigger and with a strong heartbeat at our 12 week scan was so special. It was kicking its little legs and sucking its fingers and wriggling around loads so the lady couldn't get her measurements for ages. Total bonus for us as we got to sit there for longer and just watch our baby and we could honestly have done that all day, it was amazing. Look at it's little nose! Some of our friends have said that it looks like it is looking at an iPhone! Definitely a little Paterson :)