Wednesday, September 12, 2012

TV tales and The Mindy Project

So, Steve and I watch kind of a lot of TV. Well, not super lots but we like to have a few series on the go at any time which is a lot compared to my TV watching before which was generally under ten minutes a week. It's like our current "thing" and I know we might not always have time for it - but we love it at the moment. Our best TV watching happens just before bedtime, on our laptops. Mostly on catch-up websites like iPlayer and 4OD. It's great cos we can watch it when we want AND we can have the subtitles on. I might have a slight thing about needing the subtitles on always because then you never miss any of the dialogue. Makes sense doesn't it? I think it's growing on Steve a bit. The subtitles thing.

*Football or any other sport doesn't really count as great TV watching. Na-ha. Just saying.*

New girl is our current go-to for a bit of light relief and we're really gripped by a Channel 4 series called Revenge. It's getting pretty intense.

This programme starts soon in the US and I'm kind of gutted it's not here yet. Check out the trailer, I think the series might be good fun. So, we'll wait.

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