Friday, September 28, 2012

Ten in Seven

Ten things I've been thankful for in the last seven days..

Two lovely autumnal dinner parties to welcome the new season. Hurrah for beautiful slow cooked stews and casseroles!

Coffee and bagels in bed on a Saturday morning with my loveliest

Board games: Settlers of Catan in particular this week; and friends to play it with

Raspberry and dark chocolate brownies. 

Dennis the bestest hot water bottle ever. 

Our wonderful home group
Cocktails to celebrate two lovely girlies going off to uni (and delicious South American food here)

Rebecca Black and the Venga Boys. I know that's a little bit sad but I would be lying if I said that both didn't make me smile this week! 

Mummy hugs via skype

Holiday planning - ooooh yea!

Have a lovely weekend!

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