Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Spain - III

Last one! If you're just starting you might want to go here and then here first for the start of our Spanish adventure.
Our little book highly reccomended Calblanque as being a stunning coastal park with hills and beaches that were remote and not too crowded so we headed down there one afternoon. The beaches were all that and the park fantastic, but there was something a little bit odd about the beaches. Talk to us if you fancy a trip there and we'll tell you what.

Timer picture fail!! But I still quite like it.

We went into Catagena to look round and have some dinner. It's a really beautiful port city with a big naval presence and Steve would say it was his favourite place. We were there the night of Spain's first match in the Euros which was fun and the tapas at La Tartana, in the city centre, were a.mazing!  

We also went into Murcia one day, but driving round the city is a nightmare. which is probably why Steve doesn't look very happy :(. We ate a delicious (and highly overpriced) meal and walked round the city a bit. It was siesta time though and all a bit dead so we got some empanadas which are the local food specialty and are quite like pasties, and headed off home.


We had a really fun holiday and it was the perfect mix of relaxing and doing stuff so we loved it and are so grateful for it, and we'd love to go back sometime!

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