Thursday, June 28, 2012

Spain - II

If you've just started reading then you need to go here first for the first part of this travelogue on the Southern Costa Blanca.
Day 3 was even more relaxed than the first couple but one of my favourite days of the holiday. On the reccomendation of a neighbour we headed further inland to the mountain village of Aledo. It's small and quaint and has a fortress that sort of just hangs off a cliff. It also has very narrow, steep, one-way roads but the stunning views make up for that! Just across the valley (a five minute drive away) is a beautiful old monastry and a large statue of Jesus on top of the hill. I'm not into large statues of anything if I'm honest but we went up the hill to see it anyway and Steve enjoyed seeing the statue and I enjoyed some more fantastic views.



The monastry was part converted into a hotel but the old church was very heavily ornamented and covered with intricate murals and sculptures and was slightly spooky (as you'd like an old fairy tale monastry to be perhaps?)
It was attached to a lovely orange orchard (can you have an orange orchard?) and an olive grove. Orange grove? Olive orchard? Meh, you get the picture.


Puerto de Mazarron was our nearest seaside town and has a lovely waterfront area by the port. It was buzzy, and pretty, and we ate some of the best tapas in the bars there.  We went there one evening and then went back for lunch (hurrah for paella with sangria!) & a walk on the beach on our last day.

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