Thursday, June 7, 2012

..and we're back!

This blog hiatus has now been officially terminated.

I've had a superfantastic five weeks in Kenya but I'm now home and very glad to be here. Pictures will follow, but only once I've had a chance to sort through all 12,365,824,237 of them.

In other exciting news, the Patersons (these Patersons, in case you're wondering) have discovered a nature reserve down the lane from us. Personally I think nature reserve is a bit of an overstatement, overgrown aquaduct is more accurate - but hey, whatever makes them happy!

We love it though - cos it's pretty, and nice for walks and we have never seen anyone else there. So shhhhh - cos we'd like to keep it that way!
Our friends Debs and Matt were visiting this weekend - (huzzah for four day weekends and Queens who've been around three score years) so we took them to our private reserve.

Here are some piccies from that evening! Come and see us and we'd love to take you as well.. :)

These guys are great cos they're happy to pose and I'm happy to take lots of photos! Woot! Don't you love how lush and green everything looks?   



The pictures featuring yours truly are courtesy of Matt Fairhead (no.5) and Deborah Wrighton (no.8).

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