Thursday, April 12, 2012

Still here... (1)

I haven't forgotten Bagel Mornings - but busy mornings have rolled into busier work days and busy and/or precious evenings leaving little time and even less energy to say hi on here.
We're 4 weeks from Planet Earth Live being on air on BBC1 in the UK, Nat Geo in the US and on BBC worldwide channels in every other broadcast territory in the world. That's pretty big and pretty scary. And there's a lot of nervous, frantic energy on the team at the moment. But they're an amazing team and I love it. I go to Kenya in about ten days and before that need to safely send off two little teams to Sri Lanka and South Africa.

The rest of the non-busy bit of our lives is fab and we are trying to relax more and enjoy it all. We've had lots of lovely times with friends recently, an away break over the Easter weekend, a few walks and lots of yummy kitchen fun. Here are snippets.

P.S. Please do excuse the random nature of this blog post. I think it slightly reflects my current state of mind, and it's inability to hold a single train of thought properly.

We were on an evening walk on the green near our house when I took this. The couple in the pic are not us. D'oh.

Have you eaten chipolatas with gnocchi and stuffed courgettes? We totally have!

My sister-in-law and hubby have a tiny, teeny, weeny new French bulldog. Meet Dennis. Doesn't he have a sweet, sad face?

The rest of these piccies are from a walk one Saturday afternoon, at Snuff Mills which is near where we live, with our friends Steven & Yvonne.

Hawww - aren't they cute?! :)