Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Loathing Busyness

Life's got a little bit busier than I'd like, and we're really struggling to carve out time in the diary to do nothing. I really, really dislike being out and busy every evening of the week. I almost want to turn down all our commitments and come home every single evening for a month (or two) and hang out with Steve and do whatever takes our fancy each evening! For the time being though, I'm learning to have more energy, and learning grace to go through busy patches without being a grump. Which is very hard when you're me. 

I haven't even had much time to do any fun cooking - but here are a couple of bits from the kitchen at Carlyle Road.

I made some biriyani the other day, and forgot to take any pics apart from my meat marinading - which is probably quite gross to some of you, but even that picture reminds me of the glorious smell of biryani marinade. There was some Afghani Burani to go with it, which my mum always makes. It's got aubergines, tomatoes and yogurt and very little else, is easy to make and I will put a recipe on here sometime. 

We had some friends over who love all things polka - dotty so I made this polka - dot cheesecake. I'm not normally a fan of baked cheesecakes. They're a bit dense for my liking and I do prefer their light fridge-set counterparts, but this was tasty enough so no complaints. 

Twenty minute stew and potato croquets. I HEART my pressure cooker. It means I don't need 42 hours to cook beef, if I want it on a whim. 

How adorable is my husband? I feel like a 13 year old with a big crush, playing with Love Hearts (which I think taste like medicine btw) - but I love it! 

I also made some katsu curry which was nice. I used egg in the batter (the second instance of egg usage last week - go me!) Plus now I don't need to go to Wagamama  for my Katsu curry fix. The recipe was from here, including the tonkatsu sauce although I'm not sure that I loved the sauce that much. 

Finally, if you think Bristol didn't get any snow, you're wrong. We totally got snow. Like loadsssss of snow. Like this much snow. The pond nearly froze and everything!! 
Don't laugh at our eensy teensy bit of snow. We enjoyed it very much!

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