Saturday, February 18, 2012

Kind world

I have a renewed faith in the kindness of people and good customer service this week! On Tuesday I was booking some flights and made a hash of it, and ended up booking the wrong flights. Easyjet normally charge £80 to change flights but a very lovely lady on the phone obviously heard my distress, took pity and changed our flights very efficiently but also waived the transfer fee!
And then yesterday I was at the butchers trying to buy some mince, but I had no cash in my wallet, the cash machine was broken and they don't accept card payments for anything under £5, so Mr. Butcher didn't even think twice before he said not to worry, to take the mince home and enjoy my cooking as he was sure I would remember to pay when I next went in. Isn't that really nice? It makes me feel warm and grateful, and keen to go out of my way to be helpful and kind.

My husband was also very kind this week and cooked dinner on Tuesday. Yes, I know it was Valentines day but if you knew how much he dislikes cooking you'd feel as loved as I do. Doesn't it look yummy? It really was!

Pan fried chicken in a mustard sauce, Dauphinoise potatoes, and lemony greens

I feel very tired, and in need of much help and energy to get through the next couple of days. I'm sure it'll all feel less weighty on the other side.
Have a lovely weekend!

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