Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day four and saddle sore!

So, feeling inspired by the lack of exercise and any level of fitness in my life, plus slight envy of Steve's new bike, I decided to get on a bike and get on with it! Well, kind of.
If I rode into work that's a 30 minute uphill struggle that I don't think I can quite manage. Little person, little legs, no stamina, trouble breathing yada yada ya. Plus there's a convenient little train that can transport bike and person up the hill for little effort. So that's what we do.
And then at the end of the day, when I've had several hours to work myself up to it, I cycle home. It takes 25 minutes - ish, and it's amazing how much I've struggled considering it's nearly all downhill, and only about 3 miles (5kms). But it's a start and I'm determined to keep at it. Today's goal is to stay on my bike, especially on the home stretch.
Besides, if the sisters at Nonnatus House can do it (refer picture above) so can I! Can you tell that I'm loving Call the Midwife? I'm such a sucker for a good period drama. Sometimes I think I belong in a different age entirely...although I'm not so sure about the East end in the 1950's, but there we go!

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