Monday, January 9, 2012

Why we do the things we do..

It's funny how having a home and family makes you look back and un-pick memories of your own family and childhood home, even the ones you didn't put in a box and label in your head as being important memories . And chances are the routines and habits you start to build will be very much based on what you've always known!

We make sure the kitchen is spic-and-span each night because we always did when I was growing up, and we NEVER fall asleep with any cupboard doors open (but that's just a mother Alexander special :)). We had stockings full of  presents for Christmas because Steve's had one his whole life and I think we started going on date nights when we were going out because that's what my parents did.
It's really fun to add to those and build your own little habits as well, and we're enjoying doing that! Bagel mornings are one of those.
Are there things you do just like your family used to do them when you were growing up?

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