Monday, January 2, 2012

Murder at Albion House

A load of shady characters!  

For New years eve we went to a murder mystery at our friends Christine and Nathan's house in Chippenham. The murder was set in a big country house in the 1930's. I played Regina Khan, crime novelist and Steve was Alan Trode, who ran a failing motorcycle business and turned out to be the murderer! *shock*
It was a really fun evening and Nathan cooked an absolutely exquisite six course meal!

Just after midnight we went outside for some sparkler fun which was great even though it was drizzling a bit.


We drove back after and went to church in the morning and spent the day with family. It was Steve's dad's last Sunday as pastor at our church - where he's been for 24 years. Their farewell and thanksgiving Service is this Saturday and it's going to be a busy week with various family members coming for that.

In the meantime, we're enjoying one last day off before we start work for 2012. Have a joyful new year!

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  1. Oh! We got invited to one of these back home but missed it. Good fun it seems.

    The food looks amazing! You have great friends! Cooking six course meals and all.

    Happy New Year :)