Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Kitchen loving I

I think I've said before that one of the best parts of living away from home/ cooking for yourself is you've only got to eat things you love, or at least like!
I really enjoying cooking. Even more for others and especially for two. 
I thought it would be quite fun to keep track of the things we're making up in the kitchen and especially those we really like, and maybe those we definitely won't do again. 
A favourite for the last couple of years has been from Nigella Lawson's 'Kitchen' and is a great dish to cook for friends and family especially if you're looking for something you can bung in the oven and not think about. It's called Spanish chicken with Chorizo and New potatoes and is simple, tasty and you don't need anything else to eat with it, apart from maybe a salad. I often do a nice rocket salad which goes great.

Will remember to take a picture next time. This one from here
All you need to do is put your main bits in an oven tray together -  
chicken (big pieces,on the bone)
small chunks of chorizo (preferably the cooking kind, rather than the dried - but both taste great) 
Loads of halved new potatoes 
a couple of red onions chopped large-ish bits

Sprinkle the zest of an orange and maybe some fresh orange juice over the lot, season well and garnish with oregano (or mixed herbs) and put in the oven (200 deg C) for an hour and bingo! 
Note: I advise you drain all the fatty juices at the end before you serve - very tasty but not so great for your heart.

Completely unrelated but yesterday we put our tree out for the bin-men and it made me quite sad. It was a great tree and had a good few weeks left in it and didn't even drop lots of needles. I enjoyed having it in our front room. Oh well - until next year!

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