Monday, January 16, 2012

Dinner diary

I tried to do a food diary of our evening meals last here goes.

Monday - Thai green curry with prawns (we're trying to eat more fish and prawns in the hope it'll make us clever-er)
The verdict: Always a favourite, just cos we love prawns!

Tuesday - We were staying at home for date night and I cooked duck for the first time, marinated in honey and soya, with roasted parsnip ribbons and broccoli and rosti. (Hurrah for IKEA)
The verdict: We liked it but didn't love it - I think chicken is just more tender and tasty.

Wednesday: I was having momo cravings. For those who don't know - momos are Tibetan dumplings, quite like Japanese gyoza or Chinese jiaozi. My mum makes them and I thought they would be easy peasy. To be honest I've probably never made dough before so got fed up pretty quickly. It took ages and I've got miles to go in perfecting good momo wrappers, or chapatti's for that matter. The pork filling was yummy though and as I'd had it by about 20 momos, there was loads left! 
The verdict: We enjoyed it, even though we woke up quite thirsty in the night from the vast amounts of salty soy sauce dip. Definitely one to try again, this time maybe with ready-made wrappers from the Chinese supermarket.

Thursday: I made my leftover mince into meatballs and stir-fried with a black bean sauce and some greens. 
The verdict: Yum yum - made millions of meatballs so had a good few packed lunches out of that as well. I'm very impressed with how far that pack of mince stretched. Excellent kitchen economy there.

Friday: Pizza, garlic-bread and chicken nuggets with youth group! The boys went out and played crazy golf and the girls stayed in and watched a chick-flick.
And Saturday was biryani and chicken curry courtesy Uncle Tesco rather than yours truly!

Hmmm......there are a lot of orientally - skewed meals there, probably because I've always loved Chinese and other Asian food more than any other. And probably to the disappointment of my poor husband, who's very patient and says he enjoys it all. Yikes. 
*Note to self: Must cook more lasagne and spaghetti bolognaise.* 
He's less patient however with my photo-taking of every meal before I allow it to be eaten, which I find quite funny. Ahh, it's all a good laugh!


  1. Your meals all sound so delicious. I'm really digging the momos. Recipe please!

  2. Such creative and interesting meals! Definitely share some recipes.