Friday, December 2, 2011

My mother's spare rib recipe

One of the (few) cool parts about moving out on my own was that I then only ate what I wanted, when I want and generally only cooked things I really, really liked. I still do that, apart from I now try and cook what Steve likes as well (or get him to like what I like). I've also found that cooking proper meals for us and for others is probably one of the major things that makes me feel grown up. And I really love it! Doing packed lunches each morning, planning our evening meals, supermarket runs, entertaining - all of it! And I've found I spend a LOT of time on the phone/skype to my mum - trying to download her recipes into my head. Thank you ma!

I got some pork spare ribs the other day and I really wanted to make my mother's BBQ ribs recipe tonight - so I did. I don't think they were quite there - but they were tasty, and we'll definitely have to try them again.

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  1. That looks like a meal that impressed the husband! :)